Audio Programming

The Sunset Samurai
Programming Breakdown
(Unity Native Implementation)

A few studios and I are making a Samurai-themed rhythm game from a Game Jam we all participated in. We took a long break from this game, but having never made a full game as a collective, we decided to finish what we started and use it as a springboard for our future launches! This is the first episode in this Devlog series.

In the video, I explain and use Melanchall DryWetMIDI which is the .NET library to work with MIDI files and MIDI devices through Visual Studio in my Unity Project.

Timestamps: Relevant Highlights

1:25 – Project History

22:21 – The Game So Far

43:35 – Implementing Audio Sources from Native Unity

49:20 – Main Menu Audio Play-test

1:12:57 – Audio Programming with Melanchall (Rhythem Game MIDI Implementation)

1:16:39 – Melanchall Overview

Game Jam Overview

Here is a Demo Reel I created in college for my first completed game: IMPOUND in January 2020. I produced the audio for the SFX and the Music in 48 hours and my team implemented them using the techniques commonly used in Wwise, WITHOUT using Wwise as it didn’t support GameMaker. (The engine we used for this game)