About Me

Wayne M Messam II


Hey there!

In the fall of 2020, I graduated from Florida Atlantic University earning my BA in Music with a concentration in Commercial Music Technology. Outside of learning audio engineering and production techniques at my internship with Hoot Wisdom Recordings, (record label) I utilized many online education sources both in and out of college in order to develop my craft for sound design, composition, and programming in C#. Because my university did not provide courses for game audio specifically, I took it upon myself to bring game audio to my alma mater.

I produced multiple live streams with game audio professionals from across the country to educate viewers who might not have been exposed to sound design and composition for game audio. I was also 1 out of 5 selected out of 100 to be a part of the 2020 Game Sound Con’s Scholars program. I ended my collegiate career leaving behind a research project about game audio experimentation in the video game industry that will propel any students after me who are interested in a career in game audio.

I have been playing video games for as long as I can remember and have dedicated my career to the field. Nowadays, I freelance on various projects in game audio while developing my Middleware, Implementation, and Programming skills during my downtime. I also produce games through my game studio Neptune’s Cloud in order to give myself experience in applications like Wwise, Unity, and Blender when I am not participating in Game Jams.



♫ Sound Design
♫ Composition
♫ Dialogue Editing
♫ Audio Programming
♫ Teaching
♫ Mixing
♫ Mastering
♫ Post-Production
♫ Arranging
♫ Score Copying


♫ Wwise
♫ Unity
♫ Logic Pro X
♫ Pro Tools
♫ Sibelius
♫ Izotope RX
♫ C#
♫ Microsoft Office Apps
♫ Git


♫ iZotope
♫ Waves
♫ Fab-Filter
♫ Pheonix Verb
♫ Sound Toys


♫ Guitar (3 years)
♫ Piano (6 years)
♫ Voice (12 years)
♫ Helm
♫ Primer
♫ Serum
♫ Retro Synth
♫ Alchemy


♫ Maono Mic
♫ Techuilla Mic
♫ Zoom H6 Black (FR)

WMII – The Minute Kings

On the side, I am a producer and audio engineer for a podcast called The Minute Kings where I am able to practice my dialogue editing and audio post-production skills. That is when I am not playing some of my favorite RPGs like Sekiro, No Man’s Sky, and the latest of the Persona 5 and Final Fantasy games.